Dent Giant

A stable and fast large-format dental 3D printer for rapid production.

  • Super large format can print 14-16 half-mouth impressions at one time when printing in full size.
  • Super fast printing, with iF3160 in 27 minutes to complete a version of the 16mm height of the dental mold printing
  • The accuracy of the printed model is ±35 microns, meeting the accuracy requirements of both implants and orthodontics.
  • The unique printing platform makes it very easy to remove the dental mold, eliminating the distortion of the model caused by improper picking.
  • Built-in warming system allows customers to operate the machine normally even in low temperatures, greatly ensuring the success rate of printing.
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High Precision ±35μm

The accuracy of the printed model is ±35 microns,which meets the accuracy requirements of implantation and orthodontics.

Large Format Production

Super large format (printing size 218*128*150mm)can print 14-16 half-mouth molds at one time when printing full-page.

Fast Print

Ultra-fast printing, with #IF3160, it can complete a version of 16mm high dental mold printing in 27 minutes, and the single-layer exposure time is 1.6 seconds/layer.

Easy Pickup

The unique printing platform makes the dental model very easy to remove, eliminating model deformation caused by improper removal.

Dent Giant Dental Printer Application

How to use dent giant printer to produce dental molds >>

Here are the steps for using 3D printing in dental implant models:

1.Design the model using CAD software or scan an existing model.
2.Slice the model into layers using slicing software.
3.Select a suitable material for 3D printing.
4.Prepare the printer and load the material.Print the model by depositing layers of material.
5.Remove any support structures if necessary.Post-process the printed model, such as curing or polishing.
6.Use the model for surgical planning and patient education.
7.Create a surgical guide if needed.
8.Follow professional guidelines and consult with dental professionals for proper utilization.

Note: The specific steps can vary depending on the equipment and materials used. It is important to follow professional protocols and seek guidance from dental experts.

Dent Giant 3D PrinterParameters
Equipment size400*400*1400mm
Building size218*128*140mm
Screen Resolution7680*4320
Operation mode5 inch OLED smart screen
Native Pixel Size XY29um
XY Resolution±0.05mm
Dynamic Layer Thickness0.025-0.1mm
Screen8k Mono LCD
Molding speed50mm/hour(max.)
Molding methodMSLA
Molding band405nm
SoftwareChiTu Box
Transmission modeUSB transmission,WIFI,wired network
The data formatSTL,OBJ,SLC
Voltage240V/110V 50Hz
Equipment Weight47 KG
Packing Size32kg(without integrated locker) / 51kg(with integrated locker)
Working environment20℃-30℃

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