Dental Occlusal Splint(#3162)

This is a soft, biocompatible resindesigned for use in dental occlusalsplints.

  • Biocompatibility
  • Toxicity certification
  • Low hardness and high strength
  • High oral tolerance
  • High transparency not easy to yellow
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Safe for daily wear

We tested it by simulating the oral environment. After soaking for 48 hours, the appearance of the model is intact, the mechanical properties are unchanged, and there is no softening or brittleness. 

Suitable strength and toughness

3162 resin has strong physical properties, combining strength and toughness, and is very suitable for bite splint applications.

Shrinkage rate: 0.5~1%

The details of the model can be clearly printed, and it will not deform after the second curing, which can accurately fit the tooth.

light transmittance > 80%

After grinding and polishing, the model is more transparent. No discoloration or yellowing.

Specifications of Dental Occlusal Splint resin(3162)

  • Parameters
  • ProjectContentData valueTesting method
    Physical and chemical properties
    (before curing)
    Viscosity330-350 cps(25℃)ASTM D1084-1997
    Density1.15ASM D1875
    Physical and chemical properties
    (after curing)
    exposure time11mj/cm²405nm
    Hardness75DASTM D2240
    bending strength50 MPaASTM D1781
    tensile Strength50-65MPaASTM D5041
    flexural modulus1000MPaASTM D747
    Biological testsuitable forISO10993-1
    Biological testsuitable forISO10993-10


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