Denture Base Resin(#3166)

  • Highly biocompatible
  • Great durability and Appropriate aesthetics
  • Low weight, and Low fabrication cost
  • Be easy to process, adjust and repair
  • Pink color
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SKU: IF3166Categories: 3D Resin, Dental Resin

BPA Free

C6H6 Free 

Workflow for 3D printed complete dentures

The denture artificial teeth and the denture base are 3D printed separately. Then, the printed teeth are bonded to the printed denture base using a light-curing adhesive. They are highly occluded to form a perfect occlusal curve.

Features of IFUN Denture Base Resin(3166 )

The most popular materials used for 3D printing denture bases.

Highly biocompatible.
Safe to allergic patients.

It has high biocompatibility with oral tissue. Ensure a healthy oral environment and a high degree of comfort.


Excellent mechanical properties.

The denture base printed with our 3166 resin are durable and resist fracture.

Satisfy aesthetic demands.

Pink color, natural looking; Maintains color stability during 3D printing.


Specifications of Denture Base Resin(3166)

  • Parameters
  • Post Processing Steps
  • Package & Delivery
  • project Content Data value Testing method
    Physical and
    (before curing)
    color Pink  
    Viscosity 450-750cps(25℃) ASTM D1084-1997
    Density 1.05-1.15 ASM D1875-69(1980)
    Physical and
    (after curing)
    Curing depth 500~700μm  
    Shrinkage <1%  
    Hardness 70~80D ASTM D2240-05(2010)
    bending strength >3kg Test strip 4mm

    You can download the parameter here.

  • 1- Washing
    – After the printing is completed, wash the part as attached to the building plate with alcohol (>%95) for 3 minutes.
    – Make sure that alcohol covers the part entirely when washing.
    – Since the Denture resin is biocompatible never wash it with the alcohol used for other resins before.
    – Use a brush to remove uncured resin if needed.
    – Do not over-wash, it may cause deterioration in dimensions of the part.

    2- Drying
    – Use air-compressor to dry the washed part.
    – Make sure that the part is dry and uncured resin is cleaned up completely.
    – If still uncured resin left on the part, wash it with fresh alcohol and dry again.

    3- Part Removal
    – Remove the printed part from the building plate using a scraping tool.
    – Be very careful not to damage the model.

    4- Post Curing
    – UV post-curing for 5 minutes
    – After the post curing, supports should be removed from the model cautiously and then desired sandblasting and polishing can be done

  • package&delivery

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