Giant 8K

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The giant8k printer is optimal for mass production of wax models for jewelry, offering a fast and stable process.

  • High precision with 29μm, greatly meet your demand for quality.

  • Thermostatic system allows resin printing without fear of cold winter.

  • Quickly and reliably print large object as the most cost-effective small-batch printers.

  • Perfectly reproduces the original, creating every detail with precision.

  • The low peel strength technology makes it easy to remove the printout from the printing platform and fast to remove the support.

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Efficient and stable production

giant 8k can print ash resin stably, print 110 rings in 2h30min, printing speed 10mm/h, it is very suitable for small batch production of customized jewelry.

High precision with 29μm

High precision with 29μm, greatly meet your demand for quality.Perfectly reproduces the original, creating every detail with precision.

High uniformity, minimum tolerance

Using a unique array light source design, the model printing tolerance is within 0.08mm, and the printing accuracy model accuracy is within ±0.05mm.


Unique constant temperature system

A unique temperature control system is designed to operate normally at low temperatures, keeping the resin in the best state of 25~30C°, which greatly improves the success rate.

Giant 8k Print Samples

  • Giant 8K 3D Printer Parameters
    Equipment size 400*400*825mm
    Building size 208*128*220mm
    Screen Resolution 7680*4320
    Operation mode 5 inch OLED smart screen
    Native Pixel Size XY 29um
    XY Resolution ±0.05mm
    Dynamic Layer Thickness 0.025-0.1mm
    Screen 8k Mono LCD
    Molding speed 50mm/hour(max.)
    Molding method MSLA
    Molding band 405nm
    Software ChiTu Box
    Transmission mode USB transmission,WIFI,wired network
    The data format STL,OBJ,SLC
    Voltage 240V/110V 50Hz
    Power 250W
    Equipment Weight 37.5 KG
    Packing Size 580*580*1030mm
    Working environment 20℃-30℃

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