Giant 8K

  • 8k Mono LCD Screen
  • 29μm native pixel size, Higher accuracy
  • Low peel strength technology
  • Low-volume Batch Production
  • 25-30℃ Constant temperature
  • Higher quality and higher-resolution parts
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How does the Giant 8k work?

Giant 8k printer uses LCD 3D printing technology. LCD(liquid-crystal display) uses UV light to cure the resin. The UV light comes from an array of LEDs shining through an LCD screen. It is also known as MSLA(Masked Stereolithography).

Is the Giant 8k LCD printer right for you?

Keep reading and you'll learn why the Giant 8K is ideal for your final printed models.


8k Mono LCD Screen

The resolution of the Giant 8K's LCD screen is around 7680*4320 pixels. You can have high XY resolution with a larger build area.

29μm - Native pixel size

29μm means the minimum XY-Axis feature size for Giant 8k. It matters most to accuracy. The lower the value, the better the details, even perfect printing of 0.02mm filaments. Suitable for printing all kinds of complex jewelry models.


Max. printing speed: 50mm/h

Printing speed is a benefit for the LCD 3D printer, bucause it can flash a single image of each layer across the entire platform at once.

Thermostatic system

The thermostatic system keeps the resin at the best printing temperature between 25-30℃.


Low-volume Batch Production

It is capable of 3D printing multiple models at once. This can help you reduce costs, produce customized products, and put your products into practical use faster.

Giant 8k Specifications

Giant 8K 3D PrinterParameters
Equipment size400*400*825mm
Building size208*128*220mm
Screen Resolution7680*4320
Operation mode5 inch OLED smart screen
Native Pixel Size XY29um
XY Resolution±0.05mm
Dynamic Layer Thickness0.025-0.1mm
Screen8k Mono LCD
Molding speed50mm/hour(max.)
Molding methodMSLA
Molding band405nm
SoftwareChiTu Box
Transmission modeUSB transmission,WIFI,wired network
The data formatSTL,OBJ,SLC
Voltage240V/110V 50Hz
Equipment Weight37.5 KG
Packing Size580*580*1030mm
Working environment20℃-30℃

Resin quality also matters

The resin material used to print the model has a considerable impact on the quality of the finished product. Giant 8k is suitable for uv resin at 405nm. View our resins here.

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