Gingiva Mask Resin(#3161)

  • Biocompatible resin
  • Very soft with some toughness
  • Translucent red color
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SKU: IF3161Categories: 3D Resin, Dental Resin

BPA Free

C6H6 Free 

Features of Gingiva Mask Resin(3161)

It is an excellent resin material for 3D printing gingiva mask.

Flexoble and soft gingiva mask

3161 resin has no volatility and low odor. After curing, the model has a flexibility similar to silicone, with a fine surface and high molding accuracy.


High precision

The tolerance of 3D printed model and prototype design is controlled within ±0.05mm, you can easily use it to assemble dental models.

Specifications of Gingiva Mask Resin(3161)

  • Parameters
  • Package & Delivery
  • projectContentData valueTesting method
    Physical and chemical properties
    (before curing)
    Viscosity40-60cps(25℃)ASTM D1084-1997
    Density1.05~1.1ASM D1875
    Physical and chemical properties
    (after curing)
    Curing depth600~800μm 
    Hardness40-60DASTM D2240
    Elongation at break>3kgTest strip 1mm

    You can download the parameter here.

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