Jewelry Wax

Gold Giant 12K

Innovative technology that enables jewelry wonders, the Gold Giant 12k makes complex wax models for direct casting, prototyping and rubber molds.

  • Print up to 135 rings or 3 bracelets (180mm each) in one go with the large format.
  • German precision light source system to ensure the consistency of production
  • Easily produce finished jewelry that is basically consistent with the CAD design model
  • Ultra-fine surface with an accuracy of up to 19 microns
  • Light peeling technology, printing high wax resin with minimal or no support.
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Lighter weight

Same model, same resin, different machine,The wax model by Gold Giant 12k will be lighter, Means you need to consume less metal .

Precision production

Customized German precision light source, which can accurately print the details of precision jewelry, very suitable for jewelry inlaid with gemstones

High degree of reduction

Can easily produce finished jewelry that is basically consistent with the CAD design model, with a reduction rate of up to 98.7%

Minimal support

Low peeling force technology, matching jewelry resin with high wax content, can make successfully with a small amount of support or even no support

Digitally Produce Jewelry

How to Digitally Produce Jewelry  Technology >>

The application process of  investment casting jewelry models involves the following steps:

  1. Designing the Model:Create a 3D digital model of the jewelry design using CAD software.
  1. 3D Printing the Wax Model:Set up the Jewelry Wax Injection Machine and calibrate the settings.Use specialized wax material to making the jewelry model layer by layer.Cure each layer before adding the next.
  1. Removing Support Material:Carefully remove any excess support material from the made wax model.
  1. Preparing for Casting:Attach the wax model to a wax tree or sprue.Create a mold around the wax tree, leaving channels for molten metal.
  1. Casting:Place the wax mold in a high-temperature furnace or kiln to melt the wax.Pour molten metal into the cavity created by the melted wax.
  1. Removing the Casting:Break away the mold to reveal the final jewelry piece.Refine, polish, and finish the metal casting as desired.
Gold Giant 12k Parameters
Equipment size 400*400*825mm
Building size 210*120*220mm
Screen Resolution 11520*5120
Operation mode 5 inch OLED smart screen
Native Pixel Size XY 19um
XY Resolution ±0.05mm
Dynamic Layer Thickness 0.025-0.1mm
Screen 12k Mono LCD
Molding speed 50mm/hour(max.)
Molding method MSLA
Molding band 405nm
Software ChiTu Box
Transmission mode USB transmission,WIFI,wired network
The data format STL,OBJ,SLC
Voltage 240V/110V 50Hz
Power 250W
Equipment Weight 37.5 KG
Packing Size 580*580*1030mm
Working environment 20℃-30℃

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