Jewelry casting resin(#311C)

  • Easier to cast
  • Burn without ash
  • Castable metals: gold, silver, copper
  • Easy to form
  • High precision and smooth surface
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Features of Jewelry Casting Resin(311C)

It is an excellent resin material for 3D printing jewelry casting models.

Easy to Cast

After many tests by IFUN R&D department, a balance has been found between good casting results and 3D printing, which makes it easier for customers to cast directly.

Casting Efficiently

We have tested it with different factories and the casting success rate can reach 95%. 311C resin has been approved by the foundry craftsmen.

Precision & Smooth Surface

The success rate of 3D printing is up to 98%, and the surface is smooth and delicate with a small amount of grinding.

Specifications of Jewelry Casting Resin(311C)

  • Parameters
  • How to cast
  • Package & Delivery
  • ProjectContentData valueTesting method
    Physical and chemical properties
    (before curing)
    Viscosity250-280 cps(25℃)ASTM D1084
    Density1.09g/cm³ASM D1875
    Physical and chemical properties
    (after curing)
    Hardness63DASTM D2240
    Tensile strength25-30 MPaASTM D5041
    Ignition temperature730℃ 
    Modulus of elasticity650 MPa 
    Breaking strength20-25 MPa 

    Rotary roaster oven are recommended. Ordinary roaster oven may underburn due to insufficient contact with oxygen. The rotary roasting machine can make the gypsum mold and oxygen fully contact, greatly improving the success rate of casting.


    1.Greenhouse to 200 ℃ must be 2 hours

    2.2 hours from 200°C to 400°C

    3.Average temperature 400℃ to 750℃ for 2 hours

    4.750 ℃ for 3-5 hours (time depends on the specific version of the model)

    5.The temperature drops back to about 630℃ and starts to cast


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