White Wax Casting Resin (800D)

The iF800D is a breakthrough material for rapid printing of castable models, with a high wax content for easy post processing and lighter finished products. 

  • Can easily print on LCD machine.
  • High wax content, can burn completely without ash.
  • Combined with resin powder, the casting effect can reach the shipping level.
  • Lighter weight, the same model, printed with white wax will be 45% lighter than ordinary resin.
  • Suitable jewelry types: diamond rings, fine coins, Buddha pendants, thick-walled pieces, etc.
  • Suitable metal: gold, silver.
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White Wax Resin Print Samples

Specifications of White Wax Casting Resin (800D)

  • Parameters
  • Gypsum powder
  • Storage
  • Content Data value Testing method
    color Yellow  
    Viscosity 260 cps(25℃) ASTM D1084-1997
    Density 1.2~1.3g/cm³ ASM D1875-69(1980)
    Shrinkage ≤0.8% Capillary method
    Hardness 75A~35D ASTM D2240 05(2010)


  • choose high-strength gypsum powder can achieve better casting effect


    1.Prestige OPTIMA 

    2.Gilcast HS SOFT



  • Precautions for use:

    White wax is easy to solidify at low temperature.If the ambient temperature is low, first heat the resin to above 25 degrees and stir evenly. The temperature of the printing chamber is above 25 degrees Celsius during printing.


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