High Clear Resin(#3124)

  • Super clear
  • Fast Printing Time
  • High surface accuracy
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Environment-friendly
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BPA Free

C6H6 Free 

Super clear Resin

The light transmittance of the product is above 85%, the model does not yellow, remains white and transparent, and does not age when placed for a long time.


Fast Printing Time

Ifun 3124 High clear resin is suitable for most brands of LCD 3D printers, printing speed of 2-2.5 seconds, high curing degree.


Print Accuracy

The linear shrinkage rate of the material printing model is less than 0.8%, the model has high precision, good dimensional stability and is not easy to deform.

  • Caution
  • Parameters
  • Package & Delivery
    1. The printing accuracy of the coordination degree with the printer is 0.5%-1%. The exposure time should be matched according to the light intensity of the machine to avoid over-explosion. Otherwise, the accuracy will decrease and the material will become yellow due to accelerated aging.
    2. Good transparency, long light retention time
    3. The main raw materials are safe and environment-friendly materials suitable for long-term use in hospitals with little irritation to human skin.
    4. Linear shrinkage and volume reduction, high surface accuracy, good dimensional stability.
    5. To increase transparency, it is recommended to spray UV varnish on the surface of the printed model.
    6. After cleaning, please strictly control the time of post-curing, too long post-curing time will lead to material aging and yellowing.
    7. Low smell, less skin irritation
  • ProjectContentData valueTesting method
    Physical and chemical properties
    (before curing)
    Viscosity320-340 mPa·s (25℃)ASTM D1084
    Density1.2±0.05g/cm³ASM D1875
    Physical and chemical properties
    (after curing)
    Gloss retention rateQUV2000h,80%,b=1.0 
    Hardness72DASTM D2240
    elongation at break12-15% 
    tensile strength40~45MPa 
    bending strength35-40MPa 
    high impact strength80kj/m² 
    Temperature resistance65℃ 
  • package&delivery

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