Mini Giant

  • LCD 3DPrinter
  • 6.6inch
  • 4K Mono
  • resin-moulding tempature of 25℃~30℃
  • Compatible with Ifun Resins and third-party resins
  • Used for Dental,Jewelryand Industrial applications


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Key features
Make Mini Giant Printer Stand Out


Uniform Production

minigiant-Uniform Production

weight deviation:2%

Advanced optical engine, higher printing accuracy than desktop printers, using a light source solution with a more uniform optical path, with a light uniformity of more than 96%, the weight difference between finished prints in the production process is small, and the standard is more vertebral.


Defying the cold environment

minigiant-Defying the cold environment

Constant temperature 25~30℃

The machine adds a heating system, so that the resin’s working temperature is under the best molding condition of 25~30℃, which increases the adaptability of the printer and reduces the AC transformation requirements from customers.


Reduce post-processing

minigiant-Reduce post-processing

Enlarge the high-definition model image by 50 times, basically without layers , which means that subsequent applications can be carried out without grinding after curing, saving you labor and time costs.


Precise printing

minigiant-Precise printing

XY axis accuracy is 35μm

XY axis accuracy is 35μm, strict selection of materials, stable operation, and accurate restoration of the model 1:1 as much as possible, born for efficient desktop manufacturing.


More compatible resin choices

IFUN default resins include jewelry, dentistry, engineering resins.Three series of resins, one machine has multiple applications, and third-party resins are open to give you more choices.

Mini Giant Parameters
Equipment size300*300*500mm
Building size143*89*150mm
Projector Resolution4098*2560 (4K Mono)
Operation mode5 inch touch screen operation
Native Pixel Size XY35um
XY Resolution+/-0.05mm
Dynamic Layer Thickness0.025-0.1mm
Screen life2000 hours
Molding speed50mm/hour(max.)
Molding methodLCD surface molding
Molding band405nm
SoftwareChi Tu Box
Transmission modeUSB transmission
The data formatSTL,obj,slc
ApplicationJewelry, Dental cast,Hearing aids,
Orthodontic treatment,Engineering parts
Voltage240V/110V 50Hz
Equipment Weight17 KG
Packing Weight21KG
Packing Size40*40*58cm
Working environment20℃-30℃
WarrantyOne year warranty except FEP and Screen