Transparent brace resin(#3162)

  • Biocompatibility
  • Suitable for oral environment
  • High precision
  • High transparency
  • No yellowing
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BPA Free

C6H6 Free 

Suitable for everyday wear

We simulated the oral environment for testing. After soaking for 48 hours, the appearance of the model was intact, the physical properties remained unchanged, and it did not become soft or brittle.

It can be applied directly after 3D printing.


Shrinkage rate: 0.5~1%

The details can be clearly displayed and will not be deformed after secondary curing, allowing accurate clamping position.


light transmittance > 80%

Higher transparency can be achieved after grinding and polishing.
No discoloration and yellowing.

  • Post-processing
  • Parameters
  • Package & Delivery
  • 1. Remove the parts

    2. Use a pneumatic gun to blow the surface’s resin off (or put it in a machine to quickly spin and dry)

    3. Put into the curing box to cure for 20s

    4. After curing, take it out and clean the surface with clean alcohol (with a concentration of more than 95%), or put it into the ultrasonic machine to clean 30s~60s

    5. Remove the supports

    6. The supporting surface is ground flat with a carbide or grinding wheel rotating device and mobile phone, and then polished with a traditional polishing tool (felt wheel), Cleaning and disinfection,use the soft toothbrush, neutral soap, and room temperature water to clean the surface, and then disinfect it with ozone.


    Transparent resin is not suitable for long time immersion in cleaning solution such as alcohol. Too Long cleaning time will cause surface atomization of the model and affect the transparency.

  • ProjectContentData valueTesting method
    Physical and chemical properties
    (before curing)
    Viscosity330-350 cps(25℃)ASTM D1084-1997
    Density1.15ASM D1875
    Physical and chemical properties
    (after curing)
    exposure time11mj/cm²405nm
    Hardness75DASTM D2240
    bending strength50 MPaASTM D1781
    tensile Strength50-65MPaASTM D5041
    flexural modulus1000MPaASTM D747
    Biological testsuitable forISO10993-1
    Biological testsuitable forISO10993-10
  • package&delivery

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