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About IFUN3D

IFUN has entered the 3D printing industry since 2015, and is one of the earlier companies in China to enter the 3D printing industry. We are dedicated to the application of 3D printing in industries such as mold, consumer electronics, art design, jewelry, dentistry, education, etc., and provide total 3D printing solutions to our customers.


The products developed and produced by IFUN include LCD/DLP light-curing printers and various types of photosensitive resins, including but not limited to rigid resins/high toughness resins/pressure adhesive resins/casting resins/washable resins/ABS-like resins/dental series resins/transparent resins/elastic resins, etc. Our rich product line, high quality products and rich industry experience can provide customers with satisfactory services!

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Over the years, the company has made qualitative improvements in team building, platform optimization, sales channel construction, product line improvement, and service optimization. At the same time, we have actively expanded the 3D printing ecosystem and established good cooperation with the upstream and downstream of the industry chain.

IFUN3D in academic collaboration

IFUN is a member of “Guangdong 3D Printing Innovation Alliance”, actively expanding the cooperation with various universities, and has accumulated rich experience in solving problems in the industry, such as industrial, jewelry, dental and other downstream fields, to make more exploration for better application of 3D printing in the downstream!


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