IFUN entered the 3D printing industry in 2015, and was one of the early companies in China to do so. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive 3D printing solutions for the jewelry, dental, and industrial industries.

With a strong research and development team comprised of materials science PhDs and experienced materials engineers, we possess expertise in various materials and processes to ensure that our products can be quickly brought to market while meeting customer needs. Since the launch of our products, we have received tremendous support and feedback from customers. In response to the ever-evolving demands of the market, we have continued to innovate and improve our offerings.

In 2021, IFUN focused on developing product lines for the dental and jewelry markets, achieving good results in the Middle East market with the sale of 120 tons of jewelry casting resin, and gradually expanding our presence in the European dental market.

As a company that prioritizes application research and innovation, we will continue to strive for excellence by enhancing the quality and performance of our products to better serve our customers.

Company History


move forward firmly

The third printer (Mini giant and Mini Giant Pro) was successfully developed and achieved good sales;

The fourth printer (Giant 8k) was successfully developed and was recognized by more customers in the field of jewelry;

Each type of resin has N iterations, and the technology is endless;

Moving again, along the way, we forge ahead and make continuous progress! In the brand-new environment, I believe that Avatar Technology will continue to burst into vigorous vigor and vitality, and let us create a better future together!


In-depth industry

The second printer (D89) was successfully developed;

 The company expands from jewelry, industrial field to dental field;

 Self-developed resin models have broken through 25, covering jewelry, dentistry, and industrial applications;

 Customers cover 90 countries on five continents.



The first 3D printer (L4K) was successfully developed, and the independent research and development and production of printer + consumables provided a twin engine for the company’s development!

The company ushered in the No. 10 employee and the No. 20 employee.


open up

TConstantly explore the field of photocuring applications, the types of resin materials are constantly enriched, and the development in the fields of jewelry and industrial applications is initially determined;

Moving: My small home expanded from 150 square meters to 650 square meters

Registered the company’s first 3D printer patent

Become a member of Guangdong 3D Printing Association.



Repositioning, selected photocuring 3D printing as the future development direction, and started the research and development of photosensitive resin, the first small life of photosensitive resin was born (#3120), and took the step from 0 to 1!

Registered the “iFun” trademark in the United States and China, starting the brand road.



Started from FDM, persevered in confusion, and ushered in the first order of 5 tons of PLA.


Start the dream, build ifun

The company was established and entered the 3D printing industry. One person + one table started the journey of dreams.


The best quality assurance and standard operation are both our primary goal.

ifun puts strict quality assurance and compliance with production standards at the top of the list.

The quality has been verified by many certifications at home and abroad.

ifun will continue to obtain a wider range of certificates and will provide the best quality products all over the world.


Guangzhou Panyu

Floor 4, Building 2, Building 2, Mingsheng Industrial Park, Dashi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou,China