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Curious to learn how you can leverage 3D printing in your business? Find the right solution based on your industry or desired application.

” IFUN’s printer is the most cost-effective and the easiest to operate. I am a dentist and I can’t spend too much time learning the machine. Thanks to ifun’s professional technical and patient guidance, I can use the machine easily. Ifun also has matching dental resins. Order together, very convenient, I will recommend your products to my friends. “

Dr.Tommy, PhD, Prosthodontist

Dental Bridge Case
Dental clinics in the United States use #3164 temporary crown resin to print bridges, which can be visually observed and adjusted in 30 minutes, and the cost is only $1.
Temporary Crown Case

It comes from an Italian clinic. It has strong hardness and is very convenient and quick to use in clinic. I like this resin very much.

Temporary Crown Case

From a customer in Georgia, precise printing, precise assembly, post-glazing treatment, fast and real, the customer wears it for 2 weeks, and there will be no porcelain collapse.

Surgical Guide Case
From an Italian customer, I use a DLP machine to print, ifun’s resin can work well, I can complete a surgical guide in 20 minutes, the surface is very clear.
Dental Casting Case

From an Ecuadorian customer, the surface I cast was not good at first, after seeking technical help, I was able to get it right and now have a great result, I will continue to buy it.

Denture Case

From an Indian customer, the color is real and natural. I used 3D printing technology to realize the base and the tooth part, and the two can be accurately combined.

3D printing jewelry is also a popular application. We continue to communicate with jewelry manufacturers in various countries to optimize our products

“iFUN printers had been into our factory production line for more than two years.We run 20sets of iFun printers everyday,and ifun resins can print many types of jewellery designs ,and gold weight coming out very light.It’s a wise choice to select iFun if you are looking for long-term cooperation suppliers.”

Mr.Ahmed. Saudi Arabic Factory Workshop Manager

White Wax Print Inlaid Chain

Setting gemstones in jewelry demands strict requirements for both printing and casting processes. High precision is required for dimensional accuracy, and the resin must possess appropriate flexibility to avoid cracking during setting.

Filigree Chain Cast Gold

The most delicate chain links can be flawlessly casted, and with 3D printing technology, intricate designs are no longer a challenge. Unleash your creative potential with the power of innovative design.

White Wax Cast Thick Ring

The production of thick-walled jewelry requires high-quality resin, and achieving a clean burn with zero residue is crucial for optimal casting results.

Necklace Casting Case

Customers from Saudi Arabia, 3D digital production of jewelry is indeed fast and accurate, the method is very important, try new things more

Special Jewelry Production Case

From a Dubai customer, this white wax resin has been very popular in our jewelry market, we trust this resin

Ring Diamond Setting Case

From Russia customer we use for diamond rings, this is a soft cast resin that sets well.

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