3D print with Jewelry casting resin 3122

The use of 3D printing technology to print jewelry models has become more and more widespread in the market, so in the past few years, more and more casting materials have been developed for printing jewelry models. Since our company began to contact 3D printing in 2018, we have paid attention to it. To the wide application of jewelry casting resin, we have also put a lot of energy into the research and development of this resin, especially the iF3122 resin, we spent half a year to develop and test it, and then to the market test, we will officially enter the market in 2019. , especially red is the most popular in the market.


311C Jewelry Casting Resin

Until 2022, we launched a new casting resin iF311c. This resin is very rigid and can print very fine models, but the requirements for casting powder are relatively high, and resin casting powder needs to be used. According to the customer’s request, we combined these two resins and upgraded the iF3122, so that it can print very fine models, and can have good casting results on ordinary casting powder, which is a big breakthrough.


We also customized according to our company’s printers, because we all produce lcd printers, so this resin can get good printing results on lcd printers, and the printing speed can also meet customer requirements. At the same time, we have printed different models according to the requirements of customers in different markets.

Jewelry 3D Printer

For example, the chain in the Vietnamese market, you can see the picture, the pores of the chain, and the mobility can meet the customer’s requirements, and the customer can directly insert diamonds on it.

Customer Feedback

There are also some small holes that customers require very detailed, we can also achieve, such as this model in the picture, the smallest filament can reach 0.2mm.


There are also bracelets that Indian customers like. With our Giant 8k printer, we can print all the details including the patterns that customers want.


iFUN service

Of course, there are many models that can be printed, including earrings, and pendants. If you have models you want to print, you can also contact me to print them for you. We can provide free testing services.

Thank you for reading my sharing, you can contact us if you need it, we can provide you with the best resins and printers, as well as one-to-one technical services.


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