iFun3D Dental Veneer 3D Printing Case Using IF3164 Resin

If you are a dentist looking for a one-stop service for your digital dental needs, then iFun is your best choice! Our company offers a wide range of products, including professional dental printers, photosensitive resins, and more. We also have a strong after-sales team to guide novices through the whole process.

One of the products we are particularly proud of is our printed materials for temporary crowns and veneers. Our IF3164 resin is a high-strength, biocompatible material that can be safely used in the oral cavity in the short to medium term. ISO10993-1/5/10 certified and tested for toxicity, you can rest assured that our materials have been thoroughly tested and verified.

One of the greatest advantages of using our printing materials for temporary crowns and veneers is their high breaking and bending strength. This means the material can withstand the daily wear and tear of the mouth, preventing the porcelain from crumbling in use. In addition, our material is resistant to oral chemical corrosion, further adding to its durability.

At iFun, we understand the importance of aesthetics to oral health. That’s why our veneers are available in A1/A2/A3 colours, which perfectly match the natural color of your teeth. The thickness of our veneer is only 0.45 mm, which is very thin and light, which brings better experience to patients.

Despite their thinness, our veneers are very hardwearing to avoid damage during chewing. In addition, our materials are extremely accurate, down to a precision class of ±30 microns. The edges are well bonded, avoiding rework, and can be easily post-processed with some simple polishing and sanitizing.

We’re always working hard to improve our products and have taken steps to address common issues encountered during product testing. For example, we have upgraded the material to improve the bending resistance and flexural strength, and to avoid chipping due to thin veneers.

With iFun’s mini giant pro dental printer, dental model material iF3160 and veneer model material iF3164, you can easily create temporary crowns, bridges, inlays and veneers to suit your patients’ needs. Our total finish time was an impressive 1 hour and 12 minutes, with a print time of 40 minutes for the dental model and 32 minutes for the veneer.

If you’re new to digital dentistry, don’t worry – our strong R&D team has conducted extensive research on the requirements of the end application, ensuring our materials are optimized for the dental end. Our team includes PhDs in polymer materials, engineering technicians and postgraduate students, and we are committed to making our materials easy for anyone to use, providing one-on-one teaching and occasional courses.

So why not try iFun’s temporary crown and veneer printing materials today? Its high strength, biocompatibility, aesthetics and durability make it the perfect choice for all your dental needs.

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