Wax plus 210 jewelry wax 3d printer


Specially manufactured for stable production of jewelry wax

The industrial-grade wax 3D printer developed for jewelry production utilizes a custom-designed light source system to ensure stable and efficient production.It is capable of consistently printing various types of jewelry pieces.

  • Precision light-curing, specially designed for gem setting
  • Exclusive light source system, excellent stability
  • HIWIN P-level screw with excellent stability
  • Upgraded constant temperature system
  • Efficient production
  • Comprehensive training support
WAX PLUS 210 3D PrinterParameters
Equipment size550*550*1400mm
Building size210*120*200mm
 Operation mode 7 inch OLED smart screen
Z-axisHIWIN P grade screw
 Molding speed 10~20mm/hour

Gold giant 12k

Specially manufactured for stable production of jewelry wax

Innovative technology that enables jewelry wonders, the Gold Giant 12k makes complex wax models for direct casting, prototyping and rubber molds.

  • Print up to 135 rings or 3 bracelets (180mm each) in one go with the large format.
  • German precision light source system to ensure the consistency of production
  • Easily produce finished jewelry that is basically consistent with the CAD design model
  • Ultra-fine surface with an accuracy of up to 19 microns
  • Light peeling technology, printing high wax resin with minimal or no support.
Gold Giant 12k 3D PrinterParameters
Building size208*128*220mm
Packing size580*580*1030mm
Packing weight46.5kg
Jewelry High Power Curing Box HP-J800

HP-J800 Curing Box

This is a high-powered secondary curing device that promotes thorough curing of wax model jewelry, resulting in superior casting outcomes.

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