Post-90s digital dentist丨Why do young dentists play digital?

Post-90s Digital Dentists

The digital revolution is changing every industry across the board, and dentistry is no exception. Some choose to test the waters, while others jump headfirst into the digital wave.

One such team is a group of young innovators who are changing the dental industry with the ChairSide range of products equipped with digital solutions. They are actively responding to the challenges of digitalization, moving from the technology factory to the diagnosis and treatment end, and accelerating the deepening of digital dentistry.

During their journey, they met a group of post-90s doctors who shared a passion for digital dental technology. These young professionals have seized the opportunities brought about by the wave of digitalization, devoted themselves to this field, and achieved impressive results.

Philosopher Hannah Arendt believed that technology can realize and confirm dreams that otherwise seemed impossible. For these post-90s digital dentists, digital dental technology is not only a tool, but also a source of inspiration and innovation, allowing them to expand infinite possibilities in the field of dentistry.

Through the post-90s digital dentist column, these young innovators are documenting the value of digital dental technology to young doctors. But more than that, they also witness the realization of a shared set of values ​​with their peers. They are part of a community united by a passion for digital innovation and a commitment to using technology to change the world.

The following are the thoughts and opinions of these four post-90s doctors:

Dr. Chen Jian:

“I believe we are in a golden age of dental technology. The advancements we see today are incredible and they are changing not only the way we practice dentistry, but the lives of our patients. With digital solutions, we can provide Care is more personalized, efficient and precise than ever before. I’m excited to be part of this revolution and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Dr. Michael Li:

“Digital dentistry has allowed me to push my limits as a dentist. With tools like intraoral scanners and 3D printers, I can create personalized restorations that fit perfectly and look great. But more than that, it allows me to A whole new way to connect with my patients. By sharing digital images and videos, I can help my patients better understand their oral health and make better decisions about their care.”

Acquisition of 3D patient model | Dental 3D Printing Solutions
Dr. Lisa Huang:

“To me, the most exciting thing about digital dentistry is the way it allows us to work together. With digital design software and virtual planning tools, we can involve other specialists in the treatment planning process, ensuring our patients get the best possible results. Good treatment care. By using real-time imaging and data analytics, we can make smarter decisions and achieve better outcomes. It’s an exciting time to be a dentist.”

Dr. David Wang:

“I think one of the most promising aspects of digital dental technology is its potential to improve access to care. Through teledentistry and other digital solutions, we can reach patients who may not have access to care, such as those living in rural or remote areas .We can also use digital tools to better coordinate care between different providers, ensuring our patients get the care they need, when they need it.It is an exciting time to be a part of this field and I am honored to be so Part of an amazing community of innovators.”

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