Apply resin 3D printing in jewelry industry

In recent years, resin 3D printers and resin materials have evolved rapidly. There has also been a breakthrough in the innovative use of resin 3D printing technology in the jewelry industry. This means that jewelry manufacturers and jewelry artisans can design structurally complex jewelry shapes and then print out jewelry models using resin 3D printers and specialized jewelry resins. This allows them to offer a more personalized and customized service to their guests as a way to drive business. This is something that is not possible with traditional jewelry casting methods.

Today, people’s demand for jewelry is more in pursuit of personalized customization and unique in style. Especially the young generation likes to buy unique jewelry to show their individuality. Customized jewelry according to personal preferences and tastes has become a way of consumption for young consumers. Therefore, the ability to provide jewelry customization services in a variety of styles is the key to attract young consumers.


However, the traditional jewelry manufacturing process has to go through a lot of processes such as plate-making, rubber mold, plastic mold opening, wax injection, mold repair, etc., and the cost of materials, venues, equipment, manpower, and time is relatively large. Due to the limitation of traditional processing technology, many excellent jewelry designs can only stay in concept and cannot be realized. But for 3D printing technology, is just not limited by these factors. Whether 3D printing technology is directly or indirectly used in jewelry manufacturing, it will simplify the current jewelry production process and promote the development of the industry in the direction of personalized, digital, and intelligent manufacturing.
Simplified design and production process.

Compared with traditional manufacturing, complex structures cannot be completed by hand, and 3D printing technology can make up for this artificial “hard injury”. 3D printing technology uses computer technology to establish three-dimensional models, which can be imported into the system for digital production according to demand, which can quickly produce high-precision and complex craft jewelry that cannot be achieved by traditional manufacturing. You just need to build a model of your personality through 3D modeling software, and you can make any shape through the 3D printer.

Reduce labor and production costs

3D printing omits related steps such as prototyping and mold making, which greatly reduces the production period and material cost. It has the advantages of simple operation, rapid prototyping, high precision, saving raw materials, and reducing losses.


For many jewelry brands, only by providing customized services for the young market can they stand out from the jewelry companies. 3D printing can produce quality-assured custom-designed products at a lower cost, which can meet consumers’ diverse needs for styles and provide them with efficient and convenient private customization.

Liberate Design Thinking

Compared with traditional manual craftsmanship, when designers design jewelry, even if they give priority to craftsmanship when conceiving and designing, in the actual production stage, traditional manual craftsmanship will still fail to achieve production. Through 3D printing technology, no matter how peculiar shapes, how unrealistic ideas and designs can be printed out using 3D printing, which cannot be achieved by traditional craftsmanship.

The finished product is more refined

The jewelry model through 3D printing technology is more three-dimensional and full, it can perfectly display the design of various styles, and can create more novel jewelry works, such as curved surfaces, hollows, etc., making high-end jewelry shinier.

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IFUN has been committed to developing and expanding the practical applications of resin 3D printers in various industries. We provide high-quality and affordable LCD 3D printers and jewelry resins for jewelry manufacturers and jewelry craftsmen, and offer long-term 3D printing technical support. Resin 3D printing has the advantages of high precision and stability, which can solve the problem of long production cycle time in traditional jewelry manufacturing and greatly reduce production costs. Feel free to contact us.


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