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The 3D printing materials used to make temporary crowns and bridges generally use medical-grade 3D printing resins. These resins come in many varieties and can be used in various oral fields. The materials used for the production of dental products must have high safety, low odor, and no irritation, and the appearance of the molded product must be smooth and not too rough, otherwise, the patient will have a strong foreign body sensation.

For example, the denture processing factory where our customer is located currently uses IFUN’s high-precision 3D printing resin material 3164, which has a relatively fast curing speed, excellent biocompatibility, and has high strength, low water absorption, chemical resistance, and corrosion resistance. And other characteristics, the smell is not too irritating, and it is very suitable for the production of temporary crowns and bridges. In addition, there are many kinds of materials in their home, which can not only be used to produce temporary crowns and bridges but also basically meet most of the dental production needs.

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How to make a temporary crown?

There are two commonly used methods for making temporary crowns: 1. Direct method (made on the abutment after oral preparation); 2. Indirect method (make an impression after the abutment is prepared, and place it on the model. production).

The process of making the temporary crown directly: take the impression before the tooth preparation → makes the impression of the impression → complete the fabrication of the temporary crown in the mouth → take out the temporary crown for 2~3 minutes and then remove the impression from the impression → grind and shape, polishing, bonding.

The method of indirect fabrication of temporary crowns can avoid the stimulation of the resin material to the oral cavity tissue. The production steps are tooth preparation → impression → dental resin to directly make a temporary crown on the copy model → self-correcting shape → after grinding Intraoral try-on, occlusal adjustment, polishing, and bonding.

Temporary crowns and temporarily fixed bridges are an important part of the restoration of fixed teeth. They play a very important role. They can be worn not only for 7-1 day from 0 days but also for two or three months if they are made well.


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