Mini Giant Pro

Dental Chairside Printer: Fast, Precise, Compact yet Powerful

  • Unified Production: Utilizes a light source solution with a more uniform optical path, achieving over 96% light uniformity. Minimizes weight differences between printed parts during production, with errors controlled within ±0.03g.
  • Cold-Resistant: Equipped with a heating system to maintain resin temperature within the optimal molding conditions of 25~30℃. Enhances the printer’s adaptability to different environments, reducing the need for modifications to customer settings.
  • Reduced Post-Processing: Enlarging high-definition model images by 50 times minimizes visible layer lines, allowing for minimal post-processing after solidification. This saves labor and time costs for subsequent applications.
  • Precision Printing: Achieves XY axis accuracy of 35μm through strict material selection and stable operation, striving for accurate 1:1 model reproduction. Tailored for efficient desktop manufacturing.
  • Expanded Material Choices: IFUN offers a diverse range of proprietary resins, including jewelry, dental, and engineering resins, allowing for multiple applications with a single machine. Third-party resins are also supported, providing even more options for you.
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Precise printing

XY axis accuracy is 35μm, strict selection of materials, stable operation, and accurate restoration of the model 1:1 as much as possible, born for efficient desktop manufacturing.

Uniform production

Adopting a light source solution with a more uniform light path, the light uniformity is over 96%. The weight of printed parts during the production process is more standardized, and the error is basically controlled within ±0.03g.

Heating system

The machine adds a heating system to keep the resin temperature at the optimal molding condition of 25~30°C, increasing the printer's environmental adaptability.

Smooth surface

 Enlarge the high-definition model image by 50 times, basically without layers , which means that subsequent applications can be carried out without grinding after curing, saving you labor and time costs.

Mini Giant Pro Dental Printer Application

How to use Mini Giant Pro printer to produce dental molds >>

Here are the steps for using 3D printing in dental models:

  1. Design or scan the dental model.
  2. Prepare and load the printing material.
  3. Slice the model into printable layers.
  4. Start the 3D printing process.
  5. Remove any support structures if needed.
  6. Post-process the printed model.
  7. Use the model for treatment planning or patient education.
  8. Follow dental guidelines for accuracy and precision.
  9. Seek expert advice for proper utilization.

Note: The specific steps may vary based on equipment and materials. It’s important to adhere to professional standards and consult dental professionals for guidance.

Mini Giant Pro 3D Printer Parameters
Building size 143*89*150mm
Screen Resolution 4098*2560(4K)
Operation mode 5 inch OLED smart screen
Native Pixel Size XY 35um
XY Resolution ±0.05mm
Dynamic Layer Thickness 0.025-0.1mm
Screen 4k Mono LCD
Molding speed 55mm/hour(max.)
Molding method MSLA
Molding band 405nm
Software ChiTu Box
Transmission mode USB transmission,WIFI,wired network
The data format STL,OBJ,SLC
Voltage 240V/110V 50Hz
Power 250W
Equipment Weight 21KG
Packing Size 400*400*580mm
Working environment 20℃-30℃

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