Mini Giant Pro

  • Dental chairside resin 3D printer
  • Fast and stable 3d printing capability, maintaining consistency and reducing error rates
  • 35μm high precision, 1:1 accurate printing of your images
  • Meet 8+ dental 3D printing needs


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How does the Mini Giant Pro work?

The Mini Giant Pro uses LCD 3D printing technology. It uses UV light to cure the resin. The UV light comes from an array of LEDs shining through an LCD screen. It equals MSLA(Masked Stereolithography).

Is the Mini Giant Pro right for you?

Keep reading and you'll learn why the Mini Giant Pro is the most cost-effective chairside resin 3D printer. Particularly good performance in dental applications.

One-stop solution for
8+ dental 3D printing needs

√ Orthodontic dental model
√ Dental implant mold
√ Artificial gums
√ Surgical guide

√ Casting
√ Temporary crown
√ Denture base
√ Tray


6.6” 4k Mono LCD Screen

The resolution of Mini Giant Pro's LCD screen is around 4098*2560 pixels.

35μm - Native pixel size

35μm is the minimum XY-Axis feature size for Mini Giant Pro. It means the precision of resin 3d printing.


Max. printing speed: 55mm/h

Printing speed is a benefit for the LCD 3D printer, bucause it can flash a single image of each layer across the entire platform at once.

Fast printing

Printing time is 5 seconds per layer, which is 16% faster than DLP printers.


Heating system

The working temperature of resin is kept at 25~30℃, the best molding condition.

Wide resin compatibility

Compatible with third-party resins.


Mini Giant Pro Specifications

Mini Giant Pro Parameters
Equipment size300*300*500mm
Building size143*89*150mm
Projector Resolution4098*2560 (4K Mono)
Operation mode5 inch touch screen operation
Native Pixel Size XY35um
XY Resolution+/-0.05mm
Dynamic Layer Thickness0.025-0.1mm
Screen life2000 hours
Molding speed55mm/hour(max.)
Molding methodLCD surface molding
Molding band405nm
SoftwareChi Tu Box
Transmission modeUSB transmission
The data formatSTL, obj, slc
ApplicationJewelry, Dental cast, Hearing aids,
Orthodontic treatment, Engineering parts
Voltage240V/110V 50Hz
Equipment Weight17 KG
Packing Weight21KG
Packing Size40*40*58cm
Working environment20℃-30℃
WarrantyOne year warranty except FEP and Screen

Resin quality also matters

The resin material used to print the model has a considerable impact on the quality of the finished product. Mini Giant Pro is suitable for uv resin at 405nm. View our resins here.

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