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Discover the future of jewelry and dentistry with 3D printing technology.
Our factory direct sales offer a full set of products using high-quality resin.

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Dental Series 3D Printing Resin

We offer a full range of dental resins including models、gums、 guides、 bite plates、castings、dentures and temporary crowns. We value every customer’s feedback and keep improving every product to provide a better user experience.
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High Precision Dental Materials
IFUN Factory offers a complete range of dental resins for you to choose from. We can provide free sample printing, allowing you to witness and experience the quality of IFUN firsthand. If you decide to purchase our products, we will also offer personalized professional after-sales service.
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Jewelry Series 3D Printing Resin

Our products are also widely used in jewelry making, with a wide range of resin products, including high wax resin, white wax resin, black wax resin, soft cast resin and pressure casting resin, etc.
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Jewelry Lost Wax Casting

We collaborate with jewelry manufacturers from multiple countries to develop various casting resins suitable for the end market. We welcome you to communicate with us and leverage 3D printing technology for effortless production.

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