Professional Series Dental Resins

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Temporary Crown Resin

3164 Temporary Resin is a tooth-colored resin for 3D printing of temporary crown and bridge restorations, inlays, onlays and veneers.

  • Natural color, color: A1, A2, A3
  • Safe, passed toxicity test, biocompatibility test
  • Antibacterial, resistant to the corrosiveness of the oral environment
  • Strength>55mpa
  • Fast production, it only takes 50 minutes to print 88 crowns
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iF3160 High Strength Dental Mold Resin

This is a matte color surface with clear details, high strength and high hardness, fast printing dental mold resin, suitable for implant and orthodontic dental mold applications.

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iF3161 Biocompatible Gingival Resin

This is a soft gingival resin in a natural color and certified biocompatible for use in artificial gingival.

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iF3162 Dental Occlusal Splint Resin

This is a soft transparent resin with biocompatibility certification and toxicity testing, transparent and non-yellowing, suitable for anti-grinding braces, bite plates.

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iF3163 Dental Casting Resin

A high precision material for casting the coping and substructure, casting the full contour crown, casting the removable partial denture frame(RPDs) and dental inlay casting.

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iF3164 Temporary Crown Resin

It is an excellent resin material for 3D printing temporary crowns, bridge restorations, inlays, high inlays and veneers.

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iF3165 Surgical Guide Resin

The surgical guide resin is a biocompatible resin for applications such as 3D printing dental surgical guides for implants. It has undergone rigorous testing and fully meets the dental requirements for part quality, precision and performance.

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iF3166 Denture Base Resin

It has high biocompatibility with oral tissue. Ensure a healthy oral environment and a high degree of comfort.

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iF3167 Dental Tray Resin

More suitable for precise 3D printing of custom dental impression trays, functional impression trays, and base trays.

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Dental Resin Customer Feedback

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Dent Giant

This high-precision, high-efficiency dental model 3D printer guarantees batch stability


Build Size                218*128*140mm

Printing Speed      50mm/h(max)

Accuracy                 ±29μm

Resolution              7680*4320(8k)

Packing Weight     52kg/78kg

Packing size           400*400*580mm

Giant 8k

High precision, large size dental HD industrial printer


Build Size               208*128*220mm

Printing Speed      50mm/h(max)

Accuracy                ±29μm

Resolution              7680*4320(8k)

Packing Weight     37.5kg

Packing size          580*580*1030mm

Mini Giant Pro

Small size fast 3D printer for dental,Small body, big power


Build Size                143*89*150mm

Printing Speed      55mm/h(max)

Accuracy                 ±35μm

Resolution              4098*2560(4k)

Packing Weight     21kg

Packing size           400*400*580mm

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