IFUN 3D resin series

Starting from the terminal application, Aiqu develops each resin with heart to ensure a better user experience. Our three main lines of resins include Dental, Jewelry and Engineering. Let’s work together to bring the 3D printing industry into our everyday lives.

High Precision Dental Materials
IFUN Factory offers a complete range of dental resins for you to choose from. We can provide free sample printing, allowing you to witness and experience the quality of IFUN firsthand. If you decide to purchase our products, we will also offer personalized professional after-sales service.

Jewelry Lost Wax Casting

We collaborate with jewelry manufacturers from multiple countries to develop various casting resins suitable for the end market. We welcome you to communicate with us and leverage 3D printing technology for effortless production.

High Performance Engineering Materials
Our engineering resins come in a variety of formulations to suit different end-uses and production needs. Our ABS-like resins provide excellent impact strength and dimensional stability, making them ideal for automotive and consumer goods applications. For applications that require flexibility and toughness, our flexible resins offer outstanding elasticity and resistance to wear and tear.

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