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You can request a sample today to see the benefits of iFun technology for dental professionals. We can create samples of your own work if you wish. Please fill in the following form first, so that we can better understand your needs and provide you with the necessary assistance.

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Dental Series 3D Printing Resin

We offer a full range of dental resins including models、gums、 guides、 bite plates、castings、dentures and temporary crowns. We value every customer’s feedback and keep improving every product to provide a better user experience.
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Dent Giant

This high-precision, high-efficiency dental model 3D printer guarantees batch stability


Build Size                218*128*140mm

Printing Speed      50mm/h(max)

Accuracy                 ±29μm

Resolution              7680*4320(8k)

Packing Weight     52kg/78kg

Packing size           400*400*580mm

Mini Giant Pro

Small size fast 3D printer for dental,Small body, big power


Build Size                143*89*150mm

Printing Speed      55mm/h(max)

Accuracy                 ±35μm

Resolution              4098*2560(4k)

Packing Weight     21kg

Packing size           400*400*580mm

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