This is a high-powered secondary curing device that promotes thorough curing of wax model jewelry, resulting in superior casting outcomes.

  • The curing power is up to 800 watts, the model is more completely cured, and the casting efficiency and quality are improved.
  • Necessary high-power curing box for white wax resin.
  • The curing box is also compatible with more casting resins, including IFUN’s 300H, 500B, etc.
  • Casting effect can be improved by adopting dry mode to remove excess moisture in the mold.
  • Large curing space (310*358*170mm), can put 6 versions of 10.1-inch models at one time, efficient batch curing models, significantly saving labor and time costs.
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How to Make Wax Jewelry >>

Creating wax molds for jewelry using a 3D printer involves the following steps:

  1. Model Design: Start by designing the jewelry model using computer-aided design (CAD) software or acquire a pre-made digital design.

  2. Import the Model: Import the digital model into the 3D printing software for further adjustments.Add support structures in the software to stabilize the model during printing and make it easier to remove after.Set the printing parameters, including layer height, print speed, and temperature, to achieve high-quality wax molds.

  3. Initiate Printing: Start the 3D printer to produce the jewelry model layer by layer using wax material.

  4. Cool and Solidify: After printing, allow the wax model to cool and solidify to ensure structural integrity.

  5. Remove Support Structures: Carefully remove the support structures without damaging the wax model.

  6. Refinement: Perform any necessary post-processing, such as fine-tuning the surface finish.

  7. Casting: Finally, use the wax model for jewelry casting, typically through the investment casting process, to create the final metal jewelry piece.

These steps outline the key processes for using a 3D printer to create wax molds for jewelry, ensuring precision and quality in the final product.

HP-J800 Cured Sample

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Resolution              7680*4320(8k)

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