Wax Plus 210

Production Grade Wax 3D Printer

The industrial-grade wax 3D printer developed for jewelry production utilizes a custom-designed light source system to ensure stable and efficient production.It is capable of consistently printing various types of jewelry pieces.

  • Precision light-curing, specially designed for gem setting
  • Exclusive light source system, excellent stability
  • HIWIN P-level screw with excellent stability
  • Upgraded constant temperature system
  • Efficient production
  • Comprehensive training support
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Precision light-curing, specially designed for gem setting

Used with IFUN wax resin, each print will have a smoother surface and sharp edges. Tailored for complex gem settings, ensuring the precision and quality of each piece,the surface accuracy meets the finish requirements of the jewelry industry

Exclusive light source system, excellent stability

It adopts an exclusive customized light source system and has passed thousands of adjustment tests to ensure stable light intensity and uniformity. This ensures product consistency, and the coincidence rate of multiple batches of product sampling inspections is as high as 95.64%.

HIWIN P-level screw with excellent stability

It adopts HIWIN P-level screw with repeat positioning accuracy of 0.005mm and machine tool-level deployment to ensure stable operation for 5 years, ensuring stable silky smoothness and no obvious layering, and is also quiet. The working environment provides security.

Easy printing with high success rate

We use it with IFUN wax resin, which allows you to import parameters with just one click for slicing processing. In addition, through online fine-tuning with IFUN technology, it can quickly and easily enter print production, with a success rate of up to 99%.

Temporary Crown Application

How to Make and Use 3D Printed Temporary Crown Resin >>

The application process of 3D printing temporary dental crowns using resin involves the following steps:

  1. Scanning the patient’s teeth and gums using a 3D scanner or dental impressions.
  2. Designing a 3D model of the tooth using CAD/CAM software based on the scans.
  3. Slicing the 3D model into layers and preparing it for printing.
  4. Printing the model layer by layer using dental crown resin.
  5. Washing and curing the printed model to remove excess resin and harden it.
  6. Polishing the crown to give it a smooth texture.
  7. Applying a layer of glaze or enamel to the crown for added protection and natural appearance.
  8. Disinfecting the crown to ensure it is safe for use.
  9. Fitting the temporary dental crown onto the patient’s tooth.
  10. Temporarily cementing the crown onto the tooth until a permanent crown can be made and installed.

WAX PLUS 210 Print Samples

WAX PLUS 210 3D Printer Parameters
Equipment size 550*550*1400mm
Building size 210*120*200mm
Screen Resolution 13320*5120
Operation mode 7 inch OLED smart screen
Native Pixel Size XY 16μm
XY Resolution ±0.05mm
Dynamic Layer Thickness 0.025-0.1mm
Molding speed 10~20mm/hour
Molding method MSLA
Software ChiTu Box
Transmission mode USB transmission,WIFI,wired network
The data format STL,OBJ,SLC
Voltage 240V/110V 50Hz
Power 250W
Equipment Weight 50KG
Working environment 20℃-30℃

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