Seeking a Low-Shrinkage Wax Resin

With the advancement of technology, another method has been added to jewelry making: 3D printing. Despite offering more possibilities and convenience compared to traditional wax methods, 3D printing raises some concerns:

1. Can materials used in 3D printing, which contain some wax components but aren’t 100% wax, deliver the same casting quality as pure wax?

2. Will the costs be higher than traditional methods? What are the financial, learning, and labor costs involved?

3. Resins with high wax content are easy to cast but suffer from high shrinkage rates, while those with low wax content are easy to print but challenging to cast. Is there a resin with low shrinkage rates, high wax content, and ease of casting?

4. What limits can wax resins challenge?

After numerous discussions and tests, we’ve introduced a wax resin with excellent overall performance: 700D

Here’s what it can do:

Ultra-Low Shrinkage】700D exhibits an extremely low shrinkage rate, achieving an absolute size error range of only 0.01-0.03 when used with compatible printers, with a shrinkage rate not exceeding 0.25%. This ensures precise dimensional accuracy of castings, with most tolerances falling within reasonable ranges, enhancing the efficiency and quality of designers’ work.

No Build-Up, No Adhesion】It performs exceptionally well in special structural areas, such as side holes and tiny gaps (0.2mm), avoiding build-up and adhesion issues, thereby ensuring the integrity and precision of castings.

Fine Detail Reproduction】It can clearly display the settings of diamond settings, with high fidelity in reproducing concave-convex shapes, clear filament structures, and sharp angles. It can also achieve highly faithful reproduction of intricate details, meeting the demanding design requirements for details.

Smooth Surface】Compared to other casting resins on the market, 700D has a higher surface smoothness, resulting in a finer surface texture of castings, meeting the aesthetic standards of high-end jewelry.

Easy Casting】With a high proportion of wax components, 700D has a low thermal expansion rate, making the casting process more stable and easier to control, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

Convenient Post-Processing】Post-processing is simple and quick, significantly improving production efficiency and reducing the time and manpower required for subsequent processing steps.

Wide Range of Applications】Suitable for various jewelry types: ① Rings with a wall thickness of approximately 0.5mm or more, including diamond settings; ② Bracelets with a focus on surface detail and a wall thickness of 0.5mm or more; ③ Chains, pendants, and filigree with clearances greater than 0.5mm. It provides jewelry designers with more creative possibilities and flexibility to meet different design requirements.

The introduction of 700D wax resin marks a significant advancement in jewelry manufacturing, bridging the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. Its exceptional properties, including ultra-low shrinkage, precise detail reproduction, and ease of casting, not only enhance the efficiency and quality of production but also inspire jewelry designers to push the boundaries of creativity.

With 700D, designers can confidently explore intricate designs and delicate details, knowing that their creations will be faithfully translated from digital models to tangible masterpieces. This versatile resin opens up a world of possibilities, allowing designers to unleash their imagination and craft jewelry that captivates hearts and stands the test of time.

As the jewelry industry continues to evolve, 700D remains at the forefront, empowering designers to innovate and redefine the art of adornment. With its superior performance and broad applicability, 700D is not just a resin it’s a catalyst for innovation, creativity, and excellence in jewelry design.