Why choose 3D printing for temporary crowns?

In recent years, there have been many cases of 3D printing technology being applied to oral clinical medicine. Among them, the temporary crown is one of the more mature applications in oral dentistry.

Temporary dental crowns, also known as temporary removable dentures, are usually used when teeth are missing or defective and need to be repaired with dental implants. Because the production cycle of dental crowns is long, doctors generally recommend wearing a temporary tooth first. Crowns protect exposed gums.

What are the functions of temporary crowns?

  1. Aesthetics: Especially for those missing incisors that are repaired by dental implants, during the production process of porcelain/all-ceramic crowns, wearing temporary braces will not cause the embarrassment of “open teeth” and “speech leaks”
  2. Chewing function: Although the resin material of the temporary crown is relatively soft and not very wear-resistant, it is still ok to eat some foods such as noodles and rice. special
  3. To protect the pulp: For teeth with living pulp, wearing a temporary crown can isolate the damage to the pulp caused by hot and cold hot and sour foods.
  4. Protect the prepared teeth: some teeth are unsightly and defective, and they need to be prepared in a suitable shape. Wearing temporary braces can protect the worn tooth tissue and gums from being particularly damaged.
  5. Stabilize the position of teeth: especially for missing teeth, in the process of making fixed porcelain/all-ceramic teeth or dental implants, wearing temporary dentures can prevent the teeth on both sides from tilting.

Prominent advantages of 3D printing for temporary crowns

The 3D printing method eliminates the complex traditional production process, and after the design is completed by the design software, it is directly 3D printed and formed, and then some post-processing can be performed. The production of traditional temporary crowns is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive but also the entire production process is quite cumbersome and labor-dependent. Whether it is technical requirements or labor costs, using traditional methods to make temporary teeth of the same level is more expensive than 3D printing temporary teeth. The crown is taller and takes longer to make. Equipment cost is indeed an important issue. You can learn more about IFUN’s relatively mature dental digital solutions, which can effectively solve the problems of labor costs and site operation costs in traditional technical factories.


In terms of 3D printing temporary dental crowns, the well-known 3D printing manufacturer IFUN has already had relatively mature application cases. There are not only dental-specific industrial-grade high-capacity 3D printers but also medical-grade 3D printing resin material 3164 specially developed for temporary crowns. The printed temporary crowns have strong biocompatibility and high quality. It is not only delicate and smooth but also has good permeability. It is natural, very close to real teeth in appearance and texture, and the entrance is also good, and there is no peculiar smell when wearing it.

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